Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newsletter of your government

september 2 2009

We all should know the laws of our country, and to know what politics is talking about and which decisions are taken we need information.

In some countries the govenment is a transparant and clearcut organisation where not many surprises enter the public stage.

But other countries are either too big or organised too complex to belief what you read in the papers and see on TV. Making up your own mind is difficult due to too many voices, all telling you they carry the truth, and nothing but.

Most governments issue a newsletter online to inform their workers and everyone else in the country about the decsions taken. Often linking to official documents and transcripts from meetings.
There's no newspaper, no politician, no one between you and the straightforward short report and the pile of paperwork behind it.

Don't think I'll always struggle through the language of people who think they are important and people who really are.
But within two minutes or less I know which decisions were taken and which ones are on the agenda.

I know them all before the paperwork has reached the organisations involved.

For me the subjects of education and care are of main importance.
The knowledge sometimes made me wait with an application, because after a certain date more care would be given, for instance.
Or work through the night to get it hand delivered the next morning to make sure my kid didn't fall within a new regulation.

The last years I've seen a lot of political crap on internet, and a lot of bloggers who have an opinion that reflects how uninformed they are and how blindly they follow what a socalled political leader says.
Come on, make up your own mind and become a knowledgeable individual instead of one of the stupid flock of sheep.

Get your own governmental newsletter and be informed.

It works for me and I'm sure it works for everybody.

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Graphic made with tubes from Jenne.
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