Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My girls were bullied

september 22 2009

It almost never happens, but today I overslept.

I came downstairs when the girls were already wearing their coats and shoes, which meant I had to be ready in 15 minutes ànd bicycle to the busstation in the same time.
With the pain in my back something impossible.

The father of the children said I could make it, but the way I felt... no!
I'm not 16, looking well no matter how my hair looks. And leaving home with wet hair is asking for a disaster.

Turned out later that the woman who would be of importance for the meeting had called that she was ill.

So why the meeting?

Last friday the girls and other kids of their class enjoyed the weather so much that they went to the park near school.
After a while only 4 girls were left and they decided to go too when a few girls from school started bullying them and when they wanted to walk away, even pushed them back over and over again.

It lasted quite a while, until a woman who saw it all happen ended the situation.
She offered to talk with school to tell what happened.

Well, the school didn't mind there was no one else.
The kids were asked to tell their story.
Turned out that the leader of the bullies had a warning before and was even into counseling because of their behaviour.
Counseling is intensified and when she does it again she will be send from school...forever.

My girls were OK with this, so it didn't matter at all I haven't been to school.
There's a parents' meeting next week anyway.

One of the girls mailed the woman asking her for her address.
I've got a huge hydrangea to give her as a thank-you for helping the four girls.


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