Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mom's can't retire

september 29 2009

Mom's can't retire, otherwise I would step back...NOW!!

Not only is the day filled with the care for all my children, their father is recovering from knee surgery.

I'm running to appointments, making decisions and I also have to deal with him.

So yesterday I hurried to a meeting with the social worker of one of my sons, to discuss issues we already discussed at home and she worded everything perfectly the same as I did. So the whole meeting was not necessary at all.
When waiting I accidentally pushed over a cup of chocolate. The liquid splashed all over his trousers.
Well, when I go on creating a pile of laundry that way I'd better find my own laundrylady.

At home I landed in an unexpected scene.
The patient in shorts cooking.
That means...
  • the soup was too think and should have been used as tomato sauce over spagehtti
  • the potatotoes were peeled and then thrown in a pan to cook. So I had to take them out and slice them, otherwise the large one wouldn't still be ready while the small ones would have dissolved.
  • The sausages were mislaid.. I found them just in time.
  • Ofcourse the kitchen was a complete mess... as always when he creates something we feel forced to eat to prevent a temper tantrum.

So I went to work.
Saved enough liquid from what he called soup to make the children feel they were eating real soup.
Sliced the potatoes, and cooked them rather well.
Made vegetables, found the sausages and baked them and served dinner 30 minutes too late.

Then I was supposed to go to one of the schools for a parent's evening.
I canceled.

All my kids want attention. Some have problems sleeping, which was the case yesterday. And then one wants to talk.
Sometimes I take the talking outside, it's far more pleasant when walking through the park or near the lake.
We were not even 5 minutes outside when it started to rain.
In the comfort of home the boy in question kept on talking, so I was in bed far too late...eh...early in the day.

6.30 the girls were up and getting ready for school.
One of the boys was told he wasn't welcome at his job when he was having a stuffed nose, was coughing and had a headache.
He didn't look like a mexflu patient, but he decided he was just following the rules by calling he wouldn't come in.
So we called in time and we had to keep calling 5 times before we had the manager. That means, he fell asleep and I called.

These are just a few examples of daily life.

And it goes on and on and on.

Mom's can't retire.


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