Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate recession cooking

september 2 2009

I hate recession cooking.

I don't mind cooking for a large family of 8, even for a few more people at the table, but in these times... ugh!

Because we have to get all our grocery by bicycle, we can't pop-out every day to make a round past the butcher, baker etc etc.
I can't plan my meals a week ahead, like some people do, because we take each chance to bring fresh vegetables in the home. And they're used first. And I never know we'll be present at dinner before a few hours earlier.

I've never had problems to improvise.
There was always plenty in cans, pots, the fridge and fresh. And when I say plenty... oh yes, it was plenty.

But now the recession has hit us, we've used our back-up for bad times, and we buy cheaper.
So when I have to cook there's less choice and sometimes I lack ingredients.

I don't know about you, but I have the impression that the meat we are sold is of less quality too.
The kids love meatlove, and so do I.
When they were young it was very plain seasoned, but now they love spicy meatloaf, and it's a joy to invent new tastes and see how they like it.

But about the quality.
When I'm baking meat there's so much water and fat coming out! It's really disturbing.
Sometimes it's half meat half throw away fatty liquid.
It makes me feel I'm paying twice as much for the meat.

Ofcourse I tried more expensive meat, another butcher, prepacked, foreign.
I already started to doubt myself until a friend gave me a package from her own farmanimals.
It baked by itself, without excess stuff and it tasted so much better!

When I opened a bag of soup today I saw that there were only carrots in it. No selery and other stuff. Just a sprinkle of greenish dust.
So the manufacturer is saving money too. Well, that was the last time I've bought those bags.. at least until the recession is over.

So when it's time to cook, I'm having a hard time enjoying myself.
I feel like scraping a healthy meal together, and I don't like it that way at all.


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