Friday, September 11, 2009

A give-away for beaders

september 11 2009

I remember so well the days with s dear friend so many years ago.
We made our own jewelry.
I beaded, she made knots with the macrame technique.

Somehow our creations reflected out friendship:
secure and tightly interwoven creations, and the delecate and elegant beside the firm and bold.

We made so many things, even beaded tops of dresses.

I've forgotten the techniques, because I had small children to care for, growing up kids to support and young people to point out the do's and don'ts in life.

To my delight I found out that Lori Anderson has a give-away at her site.
It's a marvelous calendar with beading tutorials and photos.
Lori made one of the tutorials, and considering the wonderful art she creates, the calendar will be of very high quality.
It will help me to use the beads that I still have, ànd teach my girls the lovely art of beading, in case I'd win.

Oh, it would be great to have my autistic son go to daycare and wait for the girls to come home from school and have some hours of real "girltime".

Lori ads to the give-away some beadingmaterials to start rightaway... Oh, I can hardly wait...

This is such a nice calendar, because it's not only for 2010, but it's a treasure to keep and use forever.

Ofcourse it's best to advice you not to enter the give-away, so my/our chances will be better. But you know me. I'm also happy when someone else wins.

So go to Lori's blog and use the link to the give-away post ::here::, and try your luck to win the Bead- a-Day calendar for 2010.
And enjoy her blog as well.


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