Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday chatter

september 18 2009

Well, working at the computer is no fun at all.
My wordpress blog is offline and I don't know why.
Maybe maintenance, maybe hacked?
I'll wait a day before contacting the host. At the moment I'm not in to hear bad news.

I've changed my passwords into the most ridiculous things, so I now really need a notebook, because my mind can't keep them. LOL!

The agenda is growing full with each day.
Republicans said people in The Netherlands were faced with tremendous waitinglists and many died while waiting.
Well, the father of the kids doesn't have that problem, as far as I can oversee, because his knee will see the surgeon in action next thursday.
That's precisely two weeks after he first went to our family-doctor.

I hope my computer is well repaired before that day, because I'm not looking forward to an immobilised man in the house for 10 whole days and me sitting knitting beside him with no one else to talk to.

Now I'm off and use this slow very old fashioned laptop to find out how to repair my computer.
The oldest son promised to do it for me, but he's too busy with his own life.


The other site is not hacked, but under maintenance and will reappear as soon as possible.
I managed to repair my computer myself, but it's still offline, so maybe when it goes online the problem reloads itself.
My son will come either saturday or sunday to repair the rest.

We had nice weather today, and I ate an apple from my own appletree.

Have a nice weekend.


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