Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flu vaccination

september 3 2009

Today those who voluntered in america to test the mex flu vaccination had their second shot.
Testing of the H1N1-vaccination is not only done to show it's safe, but also to find out which dosage is required for each age group.

Volunteers are not all completely altruistic in their actions.
Some are afraid they won't get a vaccination when it's finally available, others like the financial stimulus of 300 dollars per shot.

When the vaccine become available in october nothing will be know about the longterm effects.
There is simply not enough time to test a longer time.

As far as we know the first shot is to prime the body. In other words, makes it aware there is something odd going on.
The second shot provides the immune protection, which will begin at about 2 weeks after the shot.

I wonder whether the flu vaccination will be in time.
This flu is completely different from others, as it made many people ill during the summermonths.
Looking at the usa I wonder whether that's due to the fact that people are allowed to visit the ER when the have flu symptoms.
No better way to spread a disease as in a hospital, especially the ER where people walk in and out.

Our local hospital doesn't allow people with flu symptoms to mingle with other people.
There's a seperate temporary building put in front of the ER and there people are tested for flu symptoms.
Those who appear to have them get alone in a seperate room.

We're not supposed to visit our family physician.
We have to call and each case will be evaluated seperately.

Well, it's very nice, but now the schools are opening again, universities back to normal, and all people working again, I'm sure there's plenty of opportunity for the virus to spread.

Well, we'll see.


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