Monday, September 7, 2009

Five end-of-summer wrap up thoughts

september 7 2009

Five end-of-summer wrap up thoughts

  1. Trip to England
    never happened
  2. Autistic son in daycare so we could make some trips with the other children.
    Didn't happen, because the organisation which had to do the paperwork (Childcare) failed to get things done in time.
    But he'll go soon.
  3. Go to the doc
    Didn't happen
  4. Eat apples from our own trees
    Did happen. They were juicy and very tasteful.
  5. Get the attick uncluttered.
    Didn't happen, because it was far too hot to go there.

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  1. Oooh, eating your own apples must be quite a treat! Sorry you didn't get to the rest of the list. Especially the trip to England.

  2. Sounds like most of these items were outside of your control, don't you hate that?! The apples sound delicious though. I'd have to put attic cleaning on the list in the winter when it's not so hot up there.

  3. Hi, Laane,
    Well, you certainly know about challenges, with an autistic son in the family, yet I feel joy in your post, too. I'm so glad!

    I notice on your sidebar that you play bagpipes, and your girls are learning. We are so into Celtic music. Our youngest son was learning the tunes on a chanter, but quit when his teacher became too busy.

    I notice also that you have twin girls, which I do also, though my girls are grown up ladies now, with families of their own.

    So nice to meet you.

  4. apples...yummo...i agree, i love them and can't get enough ...when the new crop comes out!


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