Monday, September 7, 2009

First day at school

september 7 2009

The girls went to school to get their schedules.
They were so very enthousiastic to go, it was just fun to see that.

Ofcourse they didn't come back home immediately.
Seeing their friends and classmates after so many weeks meant catching up with lots of giggles.
The weather was perfect for them all to go to the park nearby and from a friend I heard that it was a good sight to see: all those groups of colour in the green.

When they finally came home they were all smiles and stories.
About the new teachers, their mentor who grew a moustache, and ofcourse the others kids.

The schedule is perfect in their eyes.
First hours free, and tomorrow just 3 hours.
They don't realise that they have to get a certain amount of lessons each year, and that the lazy schedule is due to the fact that some teachers are still on vacation.


Kids are not allowed to be on vacation now, and teachers don't seem to have enough with 6 weeks no school.

Well, it's the way it goes.

I'm happy the girls are looking forward to develop themselves further and it's wonderful to see that.

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