Friday, September 11, 2009

The doc, shopping and rings

september 11 2009 happened...: I went to the doctor.

I had a double appointment, so we had plenty of time to discuss the kids and ofcourse my own health.

He agreed with the higher dosage of Avandamet to keep the diabetes under control,.. as far as possible.
Unless research comes up with something better I can use, it's the last step before a choice between evils.
Because I have an amino acid metabolic disease insulin is contra indicated.
But without insulin the diabetes will injure the body, even with a strict regimen of meds.

So it's either dealing with the ill effects of the combination insulin and the other disease, or dealing with the effect of insufficient treatment of diabetes.

Well, as long as we can cope...

Another issue is the problem with my backbone.
I've been able to counteract the scoliosis and kyphosis (curving of the backbone) with ballet exercises during most of my life, but the past years it wasn't possible because I had to stay at home with my autistic son and there is not enough space in the house to exercise well.

Because the family history shows osteoporosis a bone density scan will be made.
I'll call for an appointment at the hospital next monday.

After leaving the doctor's office I want straight to the shopping centre.
In a leaflet I'd seen some very nice shoes.
Well, they looked nice. That's all I can say.
The upper part was nice suede. But the sole and the rest was crap, made of cheap stuff anf far too thin.

So I walked a bit around, saw I very nice tunica blouse, and some other nice clothes. (I'm a woman, so when you let me free I'll screen all the items in the shops. LOL!)

One of my favorite shops is a jewelry shop where they sell very expensive items beside very low prized items.
I always have the feeling that Robin Hood inspired the shop owner to make rich people pay a bit more and the others a bit less.

I saw two lovely rings for 5.95 euros and decided that it's time to have something special.

So at home I told the children I want a ring from each of them, so I can always have something from them with me.

Isn't that a great idea?


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