Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The continuing story: the evening before

september 30 2009

Now I'm trying to deal with my autistic son of 17 who is going through all the excuses not to go to daycare tomorrow.
I have to stay patient, and friendly.
When my voice just gives a tremble of losing patience, he'll burst out in a meltdown.

A while ago I told him he had to go to daycare, because the law wants him to do something. Either go to school or go to daycare.
I added that when he wouldn't I wouldn't accept going to court for him, but he, as almost an 18 year old, would carry to consequences: admission to a psychiatric facility.

He didn't take it seriously, and I think he's forgotten what I told him.
But I feel I have no choice.
I just can't cope anymore.

There are other children to care for who want to make something of their lives, who are able to take advice, inspiration and everything else to go ahead.

Who don't make me feel I'm investing so much... in a deep, dark, endless hole...

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  1. It seems like our kids just love to push us when we are feeling like we are at the end of our rope. Hang in there.


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