Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The continuing story: another appointment

september 17 2009

Yesterday my autistic son made life for us a complete hell.
He kept on moaning, complaining, being unfriendly to others, slamming the door (it squeeks now), stamping on the stairs (when he keeps on doing that things will badly go wrong). He really made trouble between him and one of the others.

Well, he's nervous about going to daycare...

Then he started to tell us he was not going, etc etc.

Because I had to spend 1,5 to 2 hours each day to motivate him to go to school, I´m really afraid I´ll end up doing that again.
I don´t want to.

Today we had a meeting to see his tutor there.
Before we left there was a lot of stress, because he was not willing to go, and because his father was coming too.

The last one shows more autistic symptoms with each year he's growing older, and he feels we need to do everything the way he wants to. But that doesn't work.
Because my autistic son clings to the way he does things, they got in a huge discussion.
I really felt a peace fighter. Ugh!

Well, we landed at the daycare, had a coffee and a good talk.

Afterwards we went to the shopping center because he needed shoes and some clothes.
We didn't find the polo shirts we wanted, but T-shirts instead, and I found a very nice skirt. One that's the same as the people wear there, except it has no emblem.
(So there's no money left at all of the money I wanted to take with me to england.)

At home he was very positive about going friday.
I was so relieved!!

But in the evening the whole complaining and bugging his brother started again.

Will this even end??



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