Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Computer is bugged

september 16 2009

Ofcourse I've seen other people complain they were infected by one of the sites of entrecard.
But I was very carefully, until yesterday.

One of the kids was telling the same story for the so maniest time and he didn't even expect me to listen.
So I was opening the last entrecard pages of the inbox there, while listening to what the boy had to say and if there were any changes to his story compared to when he told it that afternoon.

Suddenly the desktop changed into a blue picture with binary code, and beside the windows emblem in the taskbar another said it was the security centre and my computer was infected.

I didn't trust the message and icon, so I started my own scanner.
More pop-ups followed and one was a scanner screen telling me I was infected by a worm, 39 virusses, another worm, a trojan etc etc.

Well, I was sure I had no 38 or 39 virusinfections, so I didn't belief the thing a bit.

Then my browser stopped working etc. etc.

Using another coomputer I found out more people were infected yesterday afternoon and -evening with the same problem.

All we have to do now is to find out how to get rid of it.

Scanning in the safe mode all night didn't show anything.

When you have sound advice, please let me know.

I feel hurt by soneone who plays games with other people.
Someone suggested it's adware and the firm tries to make people buy a scanner for 30 dollars to remove the bug.

Well, I don't hasve 30 dollars at the moment, so they won't succeed anyway.
And I don't like blackmailbugs.

I won't use entrecard or any other surfinfsystem with the laptop I'm using now.
It's too slow to work with.

So check in every day to read my blog.
I will post.

I'll be back on my own computer when the bug has been removed.

In the meantime I'll try to keep my calm, but I use my computer to be in touch with people and I feel very lonely without contact with my (online) friends.



  1. I'm SO sorry!! I haven't heard anything - so I don't know who did that on EC, but I think that's just awful. I thought the EC community was above that. Apparently not.

    I didn't get around to doing my normal drops yesterday because it was just one of those days...but now I'm kind of afraid to keep going. I usually drop on the same people - but what if it's one of the people I trust? Oh my. (sigh)

    I'm so sorry - and I really hope things get back to normal soon. It's so frustrating to have computer issues - doubly so when the damage was done by someone you thought you could trust. I'm sending hugs your way. xx

  2. I just wanted to let you know I discuss this post on my blog today. If you want to check it out, please do!


  3. Oh my, that's terrible! Hope you get it fixed soon. Not being able to use my comuter would be like losing an arm or a leg!

  4. Laane, come to any of my pages at midnite and I've posted the prescription to get the bug.

    yes it's simple but the real issue is that it's all over entrecard.

    all will host the info at midnite 09/19/2009.

    sorry about your bug, but you need to switch browsers to use chrome.
    firefox is now being targeted and it's buggy as crap with the ec toolbar.

  5. What I do is, I run a add on for firefox called NO SCRIPT...

    What no script does is, it does NOT allow any kind of malicious script to run while browsing the internet unless I click at the top and allow it to run. You have to allow scripts to run.

    I only allow the things I want I dont allow the ADSERVE.COM sites cause I know thats AD'S. Its kinda hard at first

    But If its a site I trust like WEATHER.COM I just tell NO SCRIPT to temp allow the page, and what temp allow is, it allows everything on the page to display but then when I close FF it revokes its privileges.

    -- Christopher


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