Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bad skin morning

september 1 2009

This week allergy is really bugging me, so I'm not sleeping well and I feel stuffed and about 80 years during the day.

People are lucky I hardly leave the house, so they won't see me.

I try to avoid mirrors as much as possible on days like these, but this morning the mirror decided to see me, and me oh my, that was a real shock!
I'm rather well preserved on normal days, but the wrinkles I saw today!
They just called for help so loud, I expected someone at the door.

Due to lack of sleep I had blue baggy pads under my eyes.
Couldn't smile them away.

I need the best wrinkle cream spooked through my mind.

So I went to a place online to be when you're concerned about your wrinkles.

No, Terri, the maker of the site, won't level them out with some special images and lights, but she shares her experiences and she opens a lot of space for those who want to share their experiences with wrinkle creams too.

Surfing through her site I almost forgot my own frightening early morning experience.
Especially when I landed on the page about photos.
You know: the before and after images of women who were wrinkled and lost their wrinkles completely with a certain cream, becoming happier, better dressed and equiped with more expensive earrings and professional make-up.
I've always smiled looking at those photoshopped images and when my son said he wanted to become a photographer I asked him never to make a woman more ugly to get a better "after" image. He immediately knew what I meant.

WrinkleBest.com is a real help for women and men who want to conquer the aging process without suffering decay of their wallet.
The pitfalls of advertisements, the sales slogans, they're all freely discussed and the process of chosing a wrinkle cream that fits you best has been decribed in detail and understandable language.

I like the fact that creams are tried out by normal people like you and me, so I can read how they work on normal people during normal life.

To keep updated on all developments one can subscribe to the newsletter.

So I did, and forgot all about my own silly face.


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