Wednesday, September 23, 2009

3 long hours

september 23 2009

Today was the interview with a psychologist about my ADHD son to see whether he can be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder too.

I was in there for 3 whole hours!!!

What amazed me was that I felt no connection with the psychologist at all. She was nice, I was nice, and that's it.
I've never dealt with a colleague that way. It was amazing!!
What a neutral situation.

So it were 3 full hours of answering questions and thinking aloud.

When I left my headache was worse.

At home the eldest was waiting, because he wanted to solve some computerproblems at my computer. He didn't even touch the computer...

But we had a nice dinner all together.

And after it I managed to get some computerproblems solved myself.

Tomorrow I'll be with my autistic son at daycare again, to meet his tutor.
The day after his father will have surgery on his knee, and the day after that my autistic son will go to daycare for the first time.

So it's a full agenda!



  1. That is a full agenda! Hope all goes well.

  2. Interesting, indeed. We went to a psychologist with our daughter when she was first 5. They diagnosed her with ADD (no H). But it wasn't the right diagnosis.

    At age 8 she had a full pediatric psychiatric neuro evaluation. Took 8 hours - two days of 4 hours each.

    The tests showed no activity in the brain to reveal ADD. But she was definitely on the Autism spectrum. She has Asperger's.

    I wish you the best of luck in your journey!

    What things do you notice about your little one that just don't seem "right" to you?


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