Sunday, August 2, 2009

what a weekend!

august 2 2009

Yesterday was a complete disaster with autiboy.
Me oh my, he had a mood that would burn him right through the icecap of the northpole.
I'm quite ready to let him go ...

Today I was so tired from it all that I couldn't relax when they were all out of the house.
My oldest invited him and the girls over and I think he accepted because he felt guilty about yesterday.

His father was so caught in his own plans that he invited hiomself over for dinner there, which was not welcomed at either site.
It was his turn to cook here.
Well, after a lot of hazzle, he came to cook... ahem...
We got chinese take away from the chinese nearby.
Meaning: far too peppery, and bad vegetables.
Well, at least we had something to eat and tomorrow I'll cook.

I planned to work in the front garden a bit, to change our private jungle into a normal summer garden again, but when I wanted to go outside it started to rain.
Is that called natural protection?
It sure had the result that I had a cup of coffee and watched TV for a while, so I got some rest after all.

My computer is still creating problems. In the evening I was able to finish putting the photos at a save place.
Now I have to rescue the rest. Including all the sheetmusic for bagpiping.

But first I'll try and find something nice to do with the girls tomorrow.
Maybe get the dollshouse out and work on one of the rooms.
It's 1:12.

It's a pity we don't have a shop nearby to get some things, but I found a very nice placemat last month which will be a beautiful floor in the balletroom.

Jave a great day all! And don't forget the give-away!


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