Thursday, August 6, 2009

We really, really want to move.

august 6 2009

My computer is still causing loads of problems.
Ofcourse someone gave access to a laptop, but it's so slow and it has no programs to work with, so all the fun is gone.
I just need my own files and programs and I'm OK.

Apart from that I need my computer to find jobs in Scotland or England, so we can move away from here.
I'm completely ready to leave everything behind and move to a place where it's really quiet.
Imagine, even the animals are trying to find a hiding place for the noise this year. In the morning, before my boys and girls wake up there are children yelling around and calling loud, with parents who don't care about other people, and the birds come to my garden. I had about 20 to 30 young blackbirds in my garden this morning.
They were eating the elderberries that had fallen from the tree. And were hopping around with a bunch of finches and other birds, including their parents, sitting in the trees and on the fence.

Cats don't like to come to my garden, because I make them leave as soon as possible. So it truly is safe for the birds.

So the neighbourhood is changing with the new families that have come to live here.
We used to take care not to disturb other people, especially not during the summer.
When my kids were talking too loud, I told them to come in and close the door and tell what they needed to tell. That way other people could have a quiet time with their eyes closed in the sun.

Well, maybe it's good that things have changed. It makes us more motivated to move.

So when you know a job available for us in the UK, just let me know.
The father of the children is a biologist and he's got plenty of experience with council work.
I'm a psychologist. One of the boys works in ICT, another one is a student photographer.
We're OK to work in a tourist area, or somewhere else.


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