Sunday, August 30, 2009

Using words like "fatties" is bullying.

aug 30 2009

Many people protested against the use of autist, and many other words used for disabled people and psychiatric diseases, to degrade people and humiliate them.

I had to think about that when I read an entry on the blog that's featured today at entrecard (the one before the narcissus).

The way the obesity of people is discussed is so degrading and humiliating that it's very clear this person isn't able to realise how people with more weight feel.

The use of: fatties, horror of not fitting through a standard door-frame are just examples.

When I was reading the blogpost I felt offended and the feeling grew more and more.

The way this person talks about people who are overweight and obese is just like a person who discriminates against race talks.

I couldn't withhold myself from commenting and bringing this to the attention of the writer.

He apologized in his comments, not even taking the effort of telling me there has been a response to my comment.
Well, I'd better not use my psychological skills and intuition to analyse his sincerity.
The post wasn't taken down, nor rewritten, so I still feel that people are bullied.

The media and governments are trying to create awareness about the consequences of obesity.
Like people who are obese don't know.
Their doctors are quite well able to tell their patients the risks of the extra weight.
So the influence of these awareness campaigns is in fact creating discrimination against people with extra weight.
By putting people on the spot as people lacking motivation, willpower and effort to influence their looks, the campaigns create a new group of underdogs. Food for bullies.

Oh, ofcourse there are people who are keeping the food-industry alive with their abundant consumption.
But there are also many, many people who suffer from the fact that their body is not reacting in a normal way to food and efforts to loose weight.

Science does know a small bit about obesity.
They have been able to count the consequences and make wonderful graphs and statistics.
But there's just a fraction known of the causes of obesity.

Only the last years it became clear that stress blocks weightloss in certain people, that certain forms of obesity are hereditary, and some people can indeed gain weight from just a minor intake a day.

Which means that certain people fight an almost lost battle against weight.

Instead of supporting these people, society urges them to despide their bodies, with devastating effects on their self images. Something will influence their families for generations.

We all have a responsibility for the people around us.
This responsibility shouldn't be taken away by media and governments who tell us to blindly generalise some health issues over a whole group of people just on the grounds of their appearance.

We all are individuals and we want to be seen as a human being.
It's time we start treating each other that way.

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