Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday evening chatter

august 23 2009

I'm slowly catching up now my computer seems to feel OK again.
Yes, I start to regard the thing as a brainful existence. LOL!
The repairman said it wasn't my screen, even though the first replacement didn't work and the second one did.
I didn't change one simple bit on my computer. I even scanned the thing to bits and nothing was found.
So tell me, why does it work now like it has done never better?

The only thing I can think of is that we won't be travelling to the UK this year, as far as I can see. Perhaps it didn't like the idea of standing here silent for a couple of days. LOL!

This weekend was rather strange.

Some of us didn't feel well, but none got something as bad as a fever or the mexican flu.
We were just hanging around, wondering what would come.
Now I feel perfectly OK, which shouldn't be, as it's far beyond sleeping time and I need to wake up rather early.

Tomorrow morning I'll accompany my ADHD son to the cardiologist for his bicycle test.
The cardiologist who saw him when he was a tiny baby.
He was a very kind young man then, and handsome. Oh! With lots of humor.
He really cared for his patients and we had lots of fun.

Now we're 18 years later.
I'm so curious how he is now.

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