Friday, August 14, 2009

some people make me sick

august 14 2009

august 14 2009

Another hectic week.
It's like I don't deserve a vacation, ever.

Because of the unexpected death of my brother in law we had a strange and terrible week.
We had to deal with things we never expected to deal with.

Because my brother in law was found a few days later we were not able to enter his appartment and even after desinfection we were told to stay away.
But we needed the paperwork to take care of his part of handling the funeralarrangements of his mother, his insurancepapers and other paperwork...
So someone from the housing company went in, found them and handed it all over after cleaning it as good as possible.

Turned out he didn't do what was was agreed on, so we had/have to call everyone involved in the funeral of his mother and ask them whether the payments are made or not.

They were with three boys at home, but the youngest signed away all responsibilities and claims on an inheritance, in case there is one. So the only one left had to take care of everything.

Because he didn't even bother to tell the funeral company there was another brother, the council had started to arrange his funeral.
We called them just one hour before the burrial!
We knew it should be a cremation, my brother in law has been very outspoken about it, so we arranged it for next monday morning. Because no one of the family would be able to attend we have choosen for the cremation to be in our town. (Otherwise it would have been almost impossible to travel there as the other facility is too far away.)

We had some very hard decisions to make.
My brother in law was a person who loved equipment and such and he promised the girls each one a video recorder. He also had some family items in possession and a lot of other things.
But we couldn't go into the house and clean it all ourselves, hand out the promised items and regain possession of family items. We just got the weddingrings and the wallet where he put the money for his mothers funeral. (We gave it to him when he said he wanted to take care of it.But he never did.)
We had to spend an enormous amount of money to let a specialised company empty and clean the house.
And some other decisions had to be made.

Then we had to go through all the smelly paperwork, only to find he had a lot of debts.

I'm not talking about the psychological burden of this...

After all the unpleasant and timeconsuming work, almost everything done, the other brother decided he didn't want to sign away his responsibilities and other claims.
We thought we were without the troubles so many families face when someone has died, but it's just the same as so often: the guy wants money.

Well, when there's something left it won't be much, unless he wants to go into the house himself and sell all the lot.
It feels wrong that we had to go through all the terrible things ourselves and that after that he changes his mind and holds up his hand to collect what's left.

Well, we've never cared much for money and we won't be rich with kids like ours.

But in the back of my head I hoped to give the kids who wants to a daytrip to something special like an attraction park. My brother in law would have loved that.


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