Saturday, August 22, 2009

social networking through saturday 6

august 22 2009

1. Which social networking site do you feel the most comfortable with?

To be honest: I don't know.
Because I'm so caught up in caring for 4 autistic kids and all the toodoo around them, my online life involves only a few close friends.
Only when there's time enough and I feel energetic enough I can do more than updating my blog and answering a few mails, reading friend's posts etc.
Because so many people are online for financial resons and I have felt used by people a few times too often, I'm hesitant to get involved in social networking sites.

Twitter is enough to connect to some friends.
And I'm on:

Visit WhuddleWorld!

It's fun to relax and we all have our own forum (when we're above 13 years of age).
I've found out it's a great place to meet a few online friends each week or each day.

In case you want to join, mention: Mollypolly as referrer.
I'll help you with the quiz. Just let me know you need some help.

At the moment there's a referrer contest. When you earn 5000wb's I'll get a special award.
Let me know you're there and I'll help you a lot!!

(Oh, and for those under 13 it's child-friendly. My girls loved it then and they love it now.)

2. How much do you treat your blog like you’d treat a social network?

Well, my blog gets daily attention when my computer works.
I'm very loyal to my friends.
Does that tell you enough?

3. Whether you actually use it or not, do you feel like you “get” Twitter?

Im using it and I get it. (laanetweets)

4. Some people use software to mirror their status messages so that the current status on Facebook and Myspace is identical to their latest tweet on Twitter. Good idea or bad, and why?

Well, I don't like facebook (you can never erase everything from internet) and myspace, but I think it's nuts to spread the same thing over and over on internet. Tell me, what;s the use of it? And it's boring too.

5. Take the quiz: What Does Your Favorite Social Networking Site Say About You?

No. This is not a quiz, but one simple question, so the result doesn't tell anything about me.

6. Which website has singlehandedly helped you reconnect with the most people you’d lost contact with?

Blogger! LOL!

Want to take part too?
Click the titel.

For those who miss me online:
my computer doesn't work properly and the laptop I'm using is so slow it should be forbidden.

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