Friday, August 28, 2009

A silent dream becoming noisy with bagpipes

august 28 2009

A few years ago the girls and I joined a bagpipe band.

It started with one of the girls telling me she wanted to learn to play the bagpipes when she was 6 or 7.
The other joined her when she begged me to help her.

At the time I played a lot of instruments, but not the bagpies, and they both were too young to join a band or get lessons.
I told them they could come back when they were 9 and whispered in their ears they now had a silent dream.

A few days before their 9th birthday they told me I should call the bandleader and ash him if someone could teach them.
So I did and he welcomed us at a saturday morning.

Remembering the advice I gave someone a few days before: you're never too old to persue your dream, I told him I wanted to take lessons too.

So we all bought a chanter, a kind of loud, difficult to blow flute to prepare for the real hard work.

Much has happened in between.

I've got my highland bagpipes, and because they make too much noise to practice at home, I also bought a set of smallpipes. I love them!!
When you don't know what smallpipes are, have a look at a blogpost of last year: here.

The girls have grown, but not enough to use the real highland pipes.
Their musical development however is at a level that they can easily learn to play the halfpipes, a kind of small highland pipes.

Buying them is an expensive adventure.
So I hope you'll understand why this blog contains from now on special blogposts to express my opinion about products and services.

It's for the girls. And to make their silent dreams become noisy. LOL!


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