Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

August 24 2009

1. The new sports season is about to begin...do you love it or hate it?

I just don't care. I'm sorry for those who enjoy sports very much!

In my eyes sports are an item all year around.
Bicycling, like the Tour de France, football all summer, skating the main part of the winter, etc etc.

I like to see some sports though, like iceskating, atletics during the olympic games.

2. What's your favorite of the sports and what team?

I don't have a favorite.

3. Do you get snow where you live? Do you love it or hate it?

Not often and it doesn't stay very long.
But I love it! Absolutely love it.

4. You got stopped by a cop who tells you were speeding. Do you explain some made up story as to why you were speeding or deny it and try to get out of it?

Speeding on a bicycle? Haha!!!
We don't have a car, so we don't have tickets for speeding.

5. You just had a fight with the person you are closest to. Do you not speak to them until they apologize...or do you apologize first.

I used to apologize first, but now I just weight the situation and go from there.
I'm beyond waiting for apologies.

6. What do you love about this time of year?

The birds, and the fruit on the trees.
I love the early morning sounds, and walking outside without coats or cardigans.

7. Your doctors says you need more exercise....what do you take up for exercise?

Well, I have just one doc. But he says I need more exercise.
There's hardly any chance to go to a gym or so. Even a swimming pool is too far away.
So I walk every evening when it doesn't rain, with one of my sons.

8. If you could travel in time...where in time would you go? Why?

To the future, that's for sure. I want to see my children's children's children, want to travel in space.

Back to the Victorian time will be interesting too. Maybe I lived then. Who knows.

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  1. I am just amazed you get by with out a car!wow
    I'd want to go back to the victorian times too!

    I am just going to fill you in here..I wrote a post on the mcq blog ....

    Everytings been getting in my way and I am going to stop the meme.. Like today I got it posted way late...so participation was very slim.

    As I told the others that have perticipated today.. I know this got put up late and I have so much going on…that I am going to discontinue it until next spring, at least. I have a lot of projects that need to be painted for the holidays!I have too much going on right now…
    I am trying to get my projects going for christmas gifts…. AND I have been spending so much less time blogging.
    I don’t think too many people found the meme today since I got it up late….
    I appreciate your participation greatly! I hope to try to at least get in once a week and leave a little blogging for my blog friends.
    thanks again...hope to see you soon!! L

  2. Fun way of knowing you through this Monday Crazy Question, Laane. :)


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