Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Looking back on a life

august 4 2009

Yesterday I heard that someone I worked with in the past has died.
We didn't have much contact over the past 20 years, but we have some wonderful memories about her playing with my oldest.

During our meetings with my babies around us, we developed a new way of calming babies, handling them, taking them our of bed. That means: she thought it to be new, but I just copied what I learned from my gram. I had it, she developed it as her trademark and earned a lot of money teaching it to other parents.
I didn't mind it at the time, because I had my children to care for and I was filled with loads of new ideas and plans.

We visited families to try out our ideas and it worked perfect.
She wanted to write a book about it, but I couldn't deal with her messy appointments, last minute calls that she wanted to postpone, forcing times and not showing up, not bringing the things we needed etc etc. I wondered how to fill a book with a few handy tricks anyway.
Later I heard she found someone who was able to put up with it all. The book they made was very nice.

we continued seeing each other on the professional level. Those times were absolutely great! We had a great amount of laughs, lots of fun, and intense serious working moments.
I knew she was older than I am, but I didn't know she was almost 30 years older.

Focussing more on autism, meant moving away from the area she worked in.

So I didn't know she was confronted with dementia.
I feel sorry her life became so small and she got so lost in orientation.
She was always the person who could find any house in town...

It was a shock to find out she died by an advertisement of the organisation of her former profession. When I finally got hold of the original advertisement it turned out that she was burried with family only.

What a sad end of a life that was filled with social contacts.
Dealing with people was what she loved best, and I'm sure many, many people have fond memories of all sorts of funny moments with her.


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