Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jerks and books

august 18 2009

Some people have no empathy or feeling of any decensy.

I can't believe that someone uses a blogpost about the death of my daughter as an opportunity to advertise links in the comment towards drugabuse.
It really makes me sich someone even thinks about doing so...
Well, I guess the guy doesn't even think at all.

His name was linked to a blogger blog without any posts, so he uses his ID to advertise. Ugh!
Ofcourse I've deleted his comment.

Like we have nothing else to do than dealing with jerks.
The person from the former blogpost went on sending nasty mails.
How sick kan people be?
We agreed not to talk about his ill behaviour anymore, because we don't want the memories of my brother in law connected with the terrible behaviour of his brother.
My brother in law was a good guy and he wouldn't have accepted a situation like this at all.
We agreed to ask a social worker to act as an intermediary when the harrassment goes on.

Something completely else:

The schoolbooks arrived this morning.
The girls were delighted and opened the boxes with an eagerness I never expected.

It was such fun to see them looking through the books and hear them commenting about french and biology.

The mail also brought a lot of new appointments including the ones to get my ADHD son re-diagnosed.
He too will be officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.


  1. I almost never hesitated to delete any comment that looked like spam. I had an incidence whereby I deleted a comment by a person because it was totally unrelated to the post and the person asking me why the comment was deleted. After I explained, the person continued to comment at my site with childish and immature remarks. In the end, I banned the person altogether from commenting on my site. Sorry to hear about your unhappy experience too. Hope it didn't have to go through a social worker to get it settles.

    I remember when I was young, I was always excited for the start of new school term because of the new books. :)

  2. That is awful that someone did that. Shame on them. I am glad your girls are excited for the new books!


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