Friday, August 28, 2009

An intentional mistake

august 28 2009

Woke up this morning with itchy eyes, a stuffed nose and all the other features of an allergy.
Slept with the window open, it's the end of august, after nice days a windy and rainy day was expected.
So I guess some factory thought it the right moment to pour some dirt in the air, just like the past years.

They always call it a mistake while switching the filters.
Yea, an intentional mistake.

One of the girls complained about itchy eyes too when she came from a short moment in the garden, and one of the boys wasn't happy either.

Instead of setting a step towards people who are not honest about the airpollution anyway I called a friend-journalist and gave him all the info for a nice article.
We attended a special meeting about 5 years ago and had an interesting debate about air pollution and cancer with people from the same firm we suspect to cause the troubles.

I can't wait to see his story.


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