Sunday, August 9, 2009

The continuing story

august 9 2009

Still no sign of the letter of permission to send my autistic son to daycare.
When I'm remembering well the answer has to be in before the 23rd.
Well, it's about time.

It has cost me tremendous effort to make him agree with going and we hoped he would already be there during the summervacation so we could spend some time with the girls.
But it's like it's not about our needs at all, but just about the slow motions of the wheels of beaurocracy.
But the time things are finally decided I have to start motivating him all over again. Ugh!

The council represenative which has been bugging us for a long time wrote a letter to confirm she has received our application for freeing our son from school again.
Last schoolyear he was subscribed to his old school and we were forced to have a meeting with school. It resulted in just more of the same problems of before.
Ofcourse the school came out well: they got money for a kid with special needs without doing anything at all.

By law we have to be freed from the duty to subscribe to that school again.

We applied for that last year and it was rejected.

Now my sons social worker gave us a form to ask for permission to send our son to daycare. It was just to get a written confirmation of what was already agreed on between the two.

But on the form was also the old article of law mentioned: psychological inability to attend school.
I couldn't help myself crossing that one too. Because my son can't go to school anymore.
And it would be great when his former school wouldn't receive loads of money for doing nothing at all.

So we're in the whole process again.
This time I'm not willing to invest as much emotions as before.

When she wants me at the council for a meeting I'll go there with the social worker, so she won't be as manipulative as before, and I'll tell her that there's nothing changed in our case, so that it's time she changes fighting us and grants us what should be granted to make my son move forward.
He's at home since november 2007.. Went to school in between for just a few days, and it just didn't work.

His development has almost come to a standstill.
That's not because he doesn't have learning opportunities, but because his autism limits him in his motivation, interests and hunger for development.
More and more we experience difficulties in every day life, because he's growing in age and considers himself to be of an age to tell others how to behave.
It's so very difficult for the girls.
A brother of 17 years, more than 150 kg, behaving at the level of a 6 year old emotionally.



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