Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The continuing story : the signature is in!

august 26 2009

Finally the signature was written and the permission was granted to send my son to daycare for a maximum of 8 dayparts a week.

Not that I was happy with the content of the letter.

5 lines stating why the decision was good for my son,
4 lines stating why we wanted it,
and nothing about the rest of the family.

The 4 lines were completely fabricated by someone somewhere before that letter was written.

  1. Parents want a future with perspective for their son.
    OK, I don't have a problem with that, because it's true.

  2. Parents want to move ahead again.
    Huh, what do they mean by that?

  3. Parents want to take part in society en belong again.
    Like we're no part of society at this moment at all.
    And to be honest, I don't want to belong to this society anymore. I want to move to Scotland.

  4. Parents want to be known.
    Now tell me, what's that meaning?

It's like we we're more important than our son, and like there's no brothers and sisters benefitting from him being away from home for a while a few days a week.

What made me really angry was that they write:
It's difficult for this boy to develop activities for personal development, participation in society and built up a self image.
This has to do with the busy family.

So another person who thinks that a large family means that the members can't develop themselves fully and that mom is too busy to invest time and energy.

Well, this boy started talking because mom was very persistent in her attempts and very consequent in not listening to odd sounds when he finally could talk.
This mom practiced the alphabet with him until she woke up during the nights mumbling the letter that was featured the past day. (Yes, happened a few times).
This mom brainwashed her son for 1,5 to 2 hours each morning to make him go to school, knowing he would come home all over the place with his emotions,his shouting, his complaints and all for about 2 to 3 hours, and then she had to taklk him into making the homework he didn't make at school.

This mom would cook, iron, and practice maths with him at the same time, and in the meantime talking with one of the other children, supervising them or whatever.

My dentist didn't know me.
Our family physician loved the fact that I managed the whole lot myself and he got fully paid for writing prescriptions, and schools loved and hated me at the same time because I was to-the-point, direct and knew which changes had to be implemented before they were even able to write down what was said.

I learned to deal with life on a maximum of 4 hours of sleep, I loved all my kids and I managed to make them develop themselves to their full potential.

So don't write down this kid wasn't able to develop himself due to a busy family.
It's due to his autism!!

He hates the world, because teachers didn't care.
They forgot him completely when getting ready for the school musical,
they ignored his needs, his abilities.
They were not honest about their inability to reach him, except a few.
Etc etc.

So I'll write a letter of complaint against the way the decision has been put into words.

Don't worry, I'll be nice.
Grateful for the decision, clear about what I think is more important.
Like the fact that the other children are not bothered by an older brother in age, far younger brother in emotional and social development, who acts like he's their dad, living in the 18th century.

And clear to about the fact that when someone would have looked at the application straight away we, parents and other kids, would have had a vacation.

Hmm...maybe they'd better read this blog. LOL!



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