Thursday, August 20, 2009

The continuing story: bureaucracy

august 20 2009

My autistic son dropped out of school in november 2007.
Because he went there for another week, it's officially march 2008, but that's unimportant.

He'd been spending 4 months waiting for a promissed place at an auti-class and was told there was no place for him after all.
About 3 or 4 months ago it was decided he would go to a kind of daycare. A place where he can learn to work at his own level.
After waiting a while the council representative finally agreed he was excused from going to school and we wrote the application for the financial back up.
Turned out, after a few weeks that the social worker gave us the wrong form and it took her another three weeks to rewrite it and send it to the right organisation.

We got a confirmation that the mail was received, telling us the maximal waitingtime was 40 workingdays. So that's two months.

Because next sunday the two months are completed I thought it to be smart to mail them a pro memory.

Well done, mom!!

Got a mail back this afternoon that the guy had been calling me all day.
Yea.. I'm getting the idea.
My phone is right beside the TV, the battery is sparkling full, and the thing is switched on day and night.

He said things were delayed because of people being on vacation.
Yea, they can go on vacation while nothing stops here for a moment.

He told me the application was not complete.
He needed my son´s number, and he needed a written statetement of the council that they agreed with my son not going to school. (I decided not to go in discussion with him about this. There is no place for my son in the system.)
When the statement is in, the reaction to the aplication will be positive and send to us the same day!

Well, I gave him the number.
And I told him where to get the declaration.

So we've waiting two months for nothing, because no one cared one tiny bit that the application wasn't complete.
When they would have told us we could have mailed the council representative and the lady could have send it straight away.
Then we could have had my son in daycare even before the vacation.

We could have had at least two days a week free of his presence, meaning we could have relaxed that time, gone for a daytrip or done something else what we wanted to do at the spur of the moment.

I'm so sick of all this bureaucracy.

On top of it my son had a meltdown this afternoon which makes me think we're one step closer to accepting he'll leave the house forever.

How many tears I've cried because those rotten bureaucrats didn't do their job properly... I can't count them anymore.


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  1. Your son is so fortunate to have you as his mom, someone who continues to make every attempt, no matter how frustrating, to get things done that are in his best interest.
    I hope you get a positive response very quickly now that they have all the information.


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