Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cardiology results

august 25 2009

Went with my third boy to the cardiologist again.
This time for a bicycle test.

Like often he was so slow that I went ahead to find a good place for our bicycles at the station.
He came, looking very lazy, and we missed the bus.

The next bus arrived and we walked towards it when the driver already started to leave.
I walked towards the bus and saw his window was open, so I said "ho ho ho" when I was near enough to be heard.
He stopped, looked like he just woke up, and opened the door.
Then he started to give me a lecture about not walking in front of the bus.
Huh? I was standing beside it, just at the other side...
He didn't stop lecturing, which was rediculous, so I told him that I might be a fool, but that I wasn't brainless, and that on top of it he should get the lecture, instead of he treated a 54 year old like his 4 year old daughter.
(How come not brainless? I'm 53!! LOL!)

Well, on our way to hospital he nearly missed 2 busstops.
So in a way the guy was sleeping.
We were so happy to get out.

In hospital everyone was very friendly, and on top of it my favorite cardiologist came to observe the test.
We joked, I smiled about his familiar habits, and he really bonded the ties of an old friendship again.

In the meantime my son was bicycling.
When it started to be more difficult we started to cheer, meanwhile keeping our eyes on the ECG.
Sometimes his heart skipped a beat, and during cooling down it became somewhat irregular.

But all in all everything was within the limits.

So even though he has a minor heartproblem, problems are not to be expected in the near future.

Our goodbyes were happy and I can say it's the best way of closing his time in care of child cardiology. He's 18, moving to the adult department with his next check up.

On our way home we had another busdriver. A kind man.

At home we caught up with the activities of the day.

Then boy2 had a meltdown.
His computermouse broke down.
It's a special one and costs quite some money.

Well, instead of buying one of the bag I've been fancying (this one, or this one), I used my paypal to order a new mouse for him, so he can work more on his photography tasks.

Meltdown over, paypal empty.
What's left are the results of all the examinations of boy3. No worries necessary.
Isn't that great??


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