Saturday, July 25, 2009

We don't have a car

july 25 2009

No, we don't have a car.

We shared a car with friends for about a year, until the car was not safe anymore.
Our life was different that time, because we could get the groceries in in one or two drives, and because a trip to the doc was about an hour, visit included, instead of half a day.
On sunday afternoon we want for a drive around the country.

It's not the decision against pollution that is the main motivation.
It's a financial decision.
Having a car means taxes and the whole lot, and we just can't afford it.
I don't have a driver's lisence and the job of the father of the kids can be reached by train a lot easier and faster.

Groceries are wheeled in by bicycle.
Every saturday it means a few trips to the shopping centre, heavy bags and lots of time.
The father of the kids doesn't mind doing this.
Now the shops are open until 22.00 hours in the evening, he can even go shopping every day!

Now I'm getting older and traveling by bus is getting more expensive I long for a car at times.
Especially when doctor´s visits with the children are involved. They need to go more often and each and every time it takes me half a day.

Trips for pleasure are not made.
We can´t drive to the airport just like that, for instance, to catch a cheap ryan air in the morning and come back in the evening.
An other things need to be prepared well.

But the fact that we´re much friendlier for the environment makes me feel rather OK about it.

I´m annoyed by the fact that so many people think that each and everyone on this world has a car.
That makes me more aware of how people think about, for instance, phones.
They can´t even imagine someone doesn´t have a phone.
So it´s a sport to go against that and try to make people use email.

I won´t convert car users to ride bycicles.
Most of them won´t use something on two tyres.

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  1. Sounds like a real bummer :( Can someone rent a car and come with you for some things?
    Hope you find an acceptable solution.


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