Friday, July 3, 2009

Tropical day

july 2 2009

Bags of bedsheets came from the house and I washed them all.
Got them all on the line and dry in one day.

It was a tropical day.. in fact it still is.
It's half past one in the night and at most places the temp is still above 20 degrees celcius.

The girls are sleeping.
They had a fun day.
Instead of a sportsday at school with all kids running around with ball games, they had to chose a sportive activity and they both chose horse riding.

Ofcourse they waited until yesterday evening before telling they couldn't go there with the mother of a friend, as they told us before.
They horse riding school is so far from here that they weren't allowed to go by themselves, so their dad said he would bicycle with them. His mood didn't improve one bit by his own decision.
So I had a look at the busschedules...

They went by bus, had an enormous good time riding through the woods with an instructor beside each of them, and a good bus ride back.

My autistic son doesn't want to go to sleep.
He can't cope with this high temps and he doesn't care one bit how someone else is feeling.
I'm lucky he isn't yelling the whole neighbourhood awake, but the night isn't over yet.

He's also angry at his brother, who's having a lan party with his friends.
Ofcourse he feels bad he's not invited, even though he wouldn't have gone anyway, but in his experience he misses a strange kind of security now his brother isn't at their room.

I'm so tired of dealing with all of these problems almost each day.
Everyone is asleep in the neighbourhood, except us.
I can's show my emotions, because he can't deal with them and he'll only get angry because he can't.

Now England is out of the agenda I'm sucked in the depressing endless sequence of days again.
Sometimes I even wonder why I invested so much to make them behave rather normal, because people have no idea what a struggle it is every day.

Imagine a 17 year old who's afraid of water and who refuses to shower during these days. I can't lift him and put him in the water, and he doesn't fall for positive reinforcement anymore.
Imagine shaving a 17 year old who is at least 25 cm taller...
He's afraid to shave himself.

His brother just came in. The boys decided to stop the lan party, because it's so hot they were afraid their computers might get overheated.

So upstairs the lights will be out soon...I hope.
And maybe I'll get a few hours of sleep.


  1. I feel bad for you. We do not realize how easy our life is until we hear the troubles of others.
    You really do deserve a vacation.


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