Sunday, July 5, 2009

Threatening bloggers with court?

july 5 2009

I'm sorry to withold my political comments you expect from me on the preterm escape of responsibilities given by those who thought she would be the best to represent the beautiful mainly white part of a huge nation.

Being able to see Russia from her bedroom window she fell for a higher calling which origins are still unknown.

Those who know me know how much I dislike facebook, so I won't cite the content of the publicized writings which spoke of plans which are too prestigious for someone who has made so many mistakes in the past and who isn't able to verbalise her plans well in interviews.

As a psychologist I'm not amazed by the many absurd ideas and dreamed realities some people indulge themselves in. It's a true adventure to study them and to see how they're able to draw other fools into their make belief.
The products of their minds so often follow the same patterns that I should be able to write a new submission for the DSM VI. I gather the development process of the creation of DSM V is too far to allow the uptake of new scientific researched personality disorders.
And ofcourse I want to prevent unnecessary lawsuits after bloggers and publications were openly threatened.
How serious an attourney should be taken who warns against fraudulous claims of bloggers is an open question.
It's certainly a forewarning of the way she wants to realize her ambition.

We bloggers don't claim.
We give our opinions and thoughtwebs of our own creative origin as individual writers as a way of dancing with poetry, prose, phantasy and freedom of speech.
We know facts speak for themselves.

The fact that history shows how many people blindly followed those who turned humanity into a disgrace is wellknown.

Flirting with silence becomes a victorian woman who wants to elude her friends when they request information about her private life, but it doesn't become a woman of this time who has been so many times lost for words.

I can only wait to see how serious americans take themselves and their country on the political stage.
She promised us theatre.
I'm curious whether it'll be a repeat of past history, a comedy or a drama.

Threatening the writing media and others with court when unfavorable, inconvenient etc texts are written is censorship and goes completely against freedom of speech.


  1. Why or why doesn't Sarah, I can see Russia and that qualifies me to do x y z...Palin, my way or the highway...why doesn't she do us all a huge favor and just go away. Far far away.

    She's an insult to every educated female. She has no credibility, she now quits...but wants people to "trust her". Give me a break. Read my lips...NO, NO, Not in a million years


  2. I think she needs therapy as she seems to have some real problems. Either that or it's "moose hunting" season. Sorry, I had to throw that in the mix.

  3. I would agree with you and Sandy. Palin is a disgrace to women. She is an insult to the american public and citizens. How could the republicans endorse her, knowing full well that she is clueless. It then show what kind of vision of women the right wing intelligencia has. Be beautiful, smile and people will be happy.

    but then the next step, if the republicans would endorse her to run for presidency, it would blatantly showing a disrespect for citizens. pure marketing and propaganda. its empty, like she would be.

    Now she should run. it will make things easier for Obama. honestly.

    But then to think that people could vote for her is indeed very scary. She has seen that she doesn't know wht she is saying and she is able to produces speeches that are vers radical. She has no sense of ethic or moral. It's scary to think what she would be able to do, just for getting elected. so she would then rely on a bunch of bigots who would endorse her over a black man ? What would she do as a president? It would be "presidency puppetry" the return. seriously.

    I just can't possibly see a majority follow her steps. Or I don0't want to see it happening. Or I'm too democrat to consider such foolishness.


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