Thursday, July 16, 2009

start of vacation

july 16 2009

The girls both got a good report.
They're among the best of their group.

What a different experience than I had with the boys.

Yesterday the girls went with school to the beach.
They arrived late, because the driver didn't know the way. --???

Then it turned out they had to be somewhere else because they first had to walk through the dunes.

By 13.00 hours they arrived at the beach.
3 hours later it was time to go home.

We expected the school to buy them frites or something, because they were not allowed to take money with them.
Well, they came home at 20.00 craving for food.

I watched the entrance to the beach a couple of times with the webcam and could surprise them with a few photos with them on it. LOL!

So now it's vacation.
I've never started it as tired as I am now.
I'm completely exhausted, can cry all day.

We're still waiting for the commission to decide on daycare for my autistic son.
It's only for two days.

My computer is acting weird, so in case you won't see me online somewhere, know that I'm annoyed with the fact that the thing gave up.

I hope your vacation will be better.

Here all will be the same boring and depressing routine as always, except the fact that there are more people around.

Anyone offering a free vacation? LOL!


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