Thursday, July 30, 2009

sensation in the middle of the night, finally!

july 30 2009

I was on my way to bed... teeth brushed and all that, when lightning started.
Two sleepy heads looked at me from the girls room when I left the bathroom.

We went downstairs.
They're sleeping under a slooping roof facing the last row of houses before the lake, so it sounds and looks worse at their room.

We sat down for just a few minutes and it seemed to be over already.
It must have been an anormousd amount of rain that came down in just a few minutes.
The silence was almost hurting our ears and left us feeling creepy a bit.

The girls went to bed again, and I took a book and enjoyed the sound of the last drops of rain.
Then one of the boys called from the garden to come down because the fireengine was in the neighbourhood near the house of friends. And as I'm looking after the house....

So I took my trousers again, a cardigan and went out to see what was going on.

Turned out that a huge....very high weeping willow came down on a house. During the short thunderstorm there had been extreme winds, we didn't hear because of the sounds of the rain.
The fireworkers were already standing in the basket, studying the damage and the way they would handle matters.
A large light was putting the crown of the tree in bright light, even brighter than the sun.

Like small puppets people were standing on the street, looking sleepy in their bathrobes, or hastily grabbed clothes.

The boys, who had been at a lanparty in the same street, had a lot of fun after the inhabitants of the house told everyone they were OK.
In fact, we all had a good time watching the fireworkers, talking with each other.

Photo: half of the tree already taken down.

I told the boys to make coffee and went home to catch some sleep before delivering the holter equipment to the hospital early in the morning.(see here)

At home, the girls were awake because oif the constant sound of sawing and the engines.
They too wanted to have a look, and we three went there, had a talk and then finally went to bed.

A few of restless hours later I was on my way to hospital.

A large tree at the border of the neighbourhood was hit by the wind too and just pressed to the ground. It snapped under the pressure, just like the weeping willow.
The bycicle road towards the highway was covered with fallen branches. Some were huge.

At the other side of the highway there was just one branch.

So the windproblem had been very local.

Right now they're cutting and taking away all the branches of the weeping willow.

Now the largest tree is beside our house!
A former christmastree, main player in a betting I won.
Yes, I was able to keep my christmastree alive.
It's grown huge.

And I expect we have to take it down for safety reasons.

The people who got the tree on their roof were lucky.
No one wounded, no structural damage.

But things could have ended far worse.

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  1. Wow, that is amazing. I love weeping willow trees but thank goodness no one was hurt!


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