Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a puberty night.

july 8 2009

Yesterday evening 2 of the boys didn't want to go to sleep.
So tell me, what can I do when there's nothing to promise them, nothing to take away from them?
Nothing that will not wake the whole neighbourhood?

This time the ADHD one was the problem.

When it was 4.30 hours I was so angry, and probably looking soo pale, that he finally gave in and went to bed.

Ofcourse I couldn't sleep anymore, being troubled with all sorts of feelings. One of them of being a bad mother.
I know puberty has those moments.
Well, after 4 autistic boys going through puberty I'm completely fed up with it.

It was 5.45 when I fell asleep (I heard a new radioprogram, the first interview and didn't hear the 5.45 newsitems.)
At 7 something woke me up. I don't even know what.

After sending a couple of people to the dentist, I dropped myself on the bed again and got some hours of sleep.

Woooo, the kids were so kind today.....

But I'll contact the psychiatrist of my ADHD boy, so he will finally re-diagnose him so he gets help.
He's got so many autistic features and he's dealing with so many problem autistic kids have to deal with too, that I know the outcome of the diagnosis.


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