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july 4 2009

1. What was the very first pet you ever had? How close were you to that pet?

I didn't have a pet, but my gram had a dog and the dog was special to me.
Or was I special to the dog?

My mother was not the kindest person in the world and the relationship with my gram distant.

One day my mother visited my gram with me when I was a baby.
When it was time to leave she tried to pick me up, but the dog made clear he would attack her when she neared me.

That dog protected me against her, but also against the heat of the oven, against crawling too close to the door, and against a wasp in the room.

He didn't protect the other small children in the family. Just me.

2. What is the most unusual pet you’ve had?

My dad got some eggs from the farm nearby and he put them in a basket under a hot light.
We stayed the night watching the eggs come out.
The chickens grew up until they were too tall to stay in the back garden.
We brought them back to the farm.

3. How many different kinds of animals have you owned and which type do you think acted the closest to you?

I haven't owned animals.

Can we own animals?
We can have them as guest in our houses, feed them, hug them, teach them tricks. But they stay independent individuals.

4. Take the quiz: What Pet Are You Like?

You Are Like a Dog

You are a natural best friend. You are very loyal and faithful.

In your eyes, your friends can do no wrong. You will stick with them no matter what.

You have a protective streak, and you can be downright nasty if you're being threatened.

More than anything else, you are playful and laid back. You truly live in the moment.

5. Do you have any desire to have an “exotic” pet? If so, what exotic pet would you most likely choose?

Well, I think it's wiser to leave animals in their natural habitation.

I like Jane Goodall and her work.
When I was younger I dreamed to join her and study the magnificent chimpanzees.
Wouldn't it be great to have contact with the creatures that are so close to humans?

6. Which exotic pet would you least likely own?

Snakes, spiders, you know... Ugh!!

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