Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our part to find the causes of autism

july 9 2009

Today we got a call from a very nice lady.

She informed us about the start of our contribution to research to discover the causes of autism.
Part of it involves genetic research and part covers a lot of other theories and questions.
I was even able to add one myself.

She explained we will get a load of forms to fill in.
(Well, world, I only do it for you, because I hate filling forms very, very bad.)

Each child has to fill in his or her own part, and I have to answer questions about their pregnancies, childhoods and a lot more.
Teachers will be involved too.

Ofcourse I have to tackle all that for myself too.

After that we'll be invited for a morning at the hospital, where blood will be drawn, and the kids have to do some computertasks.

Taking part in this research is something we're all looking forward to.

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  1. That sounds very interesting. Hope all goes well for you. You have enough problems. Lets hope something
    good is in store for a change.


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