Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

July 20 2009

1.what is one thing that will put a great big ole smile on your face?

A vacation to the UK.

2.Your walking down the street toward a very familiar face. As you get closer you realize you do not remember this persons name at all. Do you speak with the chance that they'll want to stop and chat or do you pretend that you don't see the person?

I'll talk.
I'm sure the voice will bring back memories. And otherwise there's always the weather to talk about. LOL!

3. Are you the Rock or the sponge of your household?

I'm the one who organises it all, does it all, hears it all...

4. You have gone over to a friends for dinner. You look down at your plate and notice a great big ole hair hanging out from inside your sandwich. What do you do?

Eat around it and let the rest disappear in my sock.

5. If you HAD to name one....who would you say is your role model?

My gram is my role model.
She was a very modern woman in that time, who played main parts in theatre, sang and ran a household with 7 kids.
She brought them all through the occupation in WW2 alive. Which was quite something as this town has been frontline city.

6. Have you raised children? If so do you think your parenting skills were top notch or could have used a little help from Dr Phil?

My parenting skills are and were OK.
I don't think much of Dr. Phil after the ways he uttered himself about my country without even knowing what he was talking about.
I think he sticks too much to his old tricks and repeats himself far too often.
I also think he judges people far too much for a psychologist. We're here to assist people to make better choices, not to make our choices.

7. would your -(Past or present)- mate/spouse, significant other/whatever -say that living with you has been like a gentle breeze or more like a hurricane?

In fact he doesn't care one single bit how his life with me has been.
As long as I don't request anything he's OK.
He's autistic.

So I'm here answering these questions, with the dishes in the kitchen, he was su7pposed to do today. He's with the kids to the Harry Potter movie. He didn't even ask if I wanted to go.

8. When you shop at the grocery store, do you always shop exactly by a list or just go helter skelter and hope that you get home with most of what you need?

I know what's needed, and I'll get it.
No list needed. Not after 23 years with kids around.

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  1. Hi...thanks for playing again!!
    sounds like you have your hands full in your household...sounds like you are definitely the rock!! :-)

  2. I bet it's cool to have a gram like that.

    That 7 really suck tho. Not trying to be pathetic here but *hugs* :)


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