Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions

July 13 2009

1. Do you have a tattoo...??
If so What and where is it??
If not do you have a secret desire to have one?

No,I don't have a tattoo.
But I want one.
At the left wrist I have a round scar. Not large, just a small one.
I want to have a tattood bracelet with the scar as a center.
Haven't found something I absolutely love yet.

I want a tattoo, because I can be identified more easy when something happens.

2. You have been offered a free botox treatment...where do you have them put it?

I haven't been offered a botox treatment. And I certainly won't have any botox in my body.
Instead lift my eyelids. Please...

3. Do you have a good luck charm? what is it?
Do you think it works?

No, I don't have a lucky charm.
But I have favorite earrings. Does that count?

4. When was the last time that you said something to someone that you REALLY wished you hadn't said?

5. The bath water is running, the phone is ringing, the dog is barking and there is someone at the door.....what do you do?

Wonder why the dog is barking, because we don't have a dog. LOL!
I just let the bath run and step in it.
When someone really needs me, he or she will try again later.

6. Your best friend from high school just popped in from out of town.
Do you offer them a place to stay or suggest a hotel?

He or she will have a place to stay already.
But boy, will I be happy to see my friend!!!

7. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Yep, every day when I look into the mirror. Ugh!

Serious: sometimes things happen here that are at least strange.
I have seen a shadow, but never a complete ghost.

8. Someone is driving in front of you rather erratically and slowing you way you see that they are talking on a cell phone and checking themselves out in the mirror. The other lane is blocked off so you can not go around them. What do you do??

Wake up, because we don't have a car.

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  1. I love your answers. Especially the car one. It cracked me up.

  2. I'm not into the botox thing wither. Good one- you don't have a car :)
    You have no idea how much money you are saving.

  3. No CAR...and no Dog??wow
    goood answers! thanks for playing again!!!

  4. hmmmm interesting question answers

  5. #1 cracked me up and #7 No Car? How can you manage??

  6. Love your answers! Very funny!


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