Saturday, July 11, 2009

Huge fire

july 11 2009

This afternoon I wasn't on twitter and ofcourse something happened.

Something happened at the industrial site, at a chemical factory.
First it was an inside fire, but soon dark clouds could be seen from far.
I could see them from my bedroom window.

Boy2, the one who wants to become a photographer, told me he would try to take some photos and went.

Soon after he mailed me photos.
I wrote an accompanying text and send it to the national and regional TV.
The national TV send their own crew when it became clear the fire was only growing, the regional took one of him between the professional ones, before they got their own crew here.

Go here, scroll down and click the photo. In IE you can see little pictures at the bottom, go to nr 9. That's his.

We saw the level of alert rising, and our worries about the toxic effects too.

We were lucky the wind was blowing from us, and not towards us.

We all got an SMS alarm to close doors and windows, people who were sitting at the boulevard at the riverside were told to leave, and even the traffic on the river was put to a halt.
Firefighters from a lot of places came to help our own firefighters and -boat.
The owner of the factory went up in a helicopter to investigate the factory.
They flew just above my son's head when he was hunting for a good place to make a photo.

The alarm went to a stage that the major took over orders and coordinating, and a special emergency meeting was held.

Suddenly it was told there was no danger for the health of people.
Hmmm.... we smelled chloric acid and some other strange smells.

It took them 8 hours before they said they controlled the fire. That means they're still busy.

One man was seriously injured and had surgery. He was in the factory with a colleague when the fire started.

Well, I'm grateful that we had no more injuries.



  1. Hi Laane, it is so nice to be here again in your wonderful blog.
    Have a blessed Sunday. :)

  2. Another day of action in your dull life(grin) Luckily the wind was blowing away from you.


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