Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holter day

july 29 2009

What a weather to begin the day with: sun!

So there we went again: bycicle, bus, walk, walking the long corridor in the hospital, waitingroom.

The woman who came to fetch us and had to fit the holter was very nice.
She explained it would be a 24 hours recording of his heart, what he needed to do when he was felling unwell and if he please would do something more than hang at the mouse of the computer.

He was amazed!

Then she told him she had boys herself at his age. LOL!

Well, he promissed a good game of basketball or otherwise an exhausting run around the block or through the park.

And back we went.

At home he said bye and went to his friends. I didn't expect him back as soon as after half an hour.
His chest under the tape to keep the wires in place was flaming red and beginning to swell.
So off the tape went and I took the tape we use at home.

At lunch the red spots were disappearing and at dinnertime they were gone.

The equipment needs to be brought back to hospital early tomorrow morning.

--- no, we didn't forget to take some photos! :)

Oh, the weather stayed nice until a moment ago.
Now it's puring outside. Perfect weather to fall asleep.



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