Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday impression

july 24 2009

The last day of the international 4 days marches.
I expect about 37.000 people from a tremendous amount of countries to reach the festive finish.

I'm sure they'll be happy.
Not only because they managed the walk the long distances each day, but also because the weather has been a mix of terribly hot weather and loads of rain.

The festivities for the other people in town (millions) are crowned today with beautiful sunny weather. I hope it extends to this evening, because I would really like to have a walk in town and maybe visit one or two open air concerts. (Update: didn't happen)

Last year our band was hardly on TV and even though lots of other bands were mentioned by name, the local bagpipe band was not mentioned at all.
So I wrote the TV team that they should mention them, because they perform everywhere along the route, all days, and are in town in the evenings.
I even explained that the last day a massed band walkes the sporters to the finish.

Well, I have to thank the TV team, because they were mentioned in the best way possible and got a lot of screentime. LOL!

There's been one case of mexican flu diagnosed. A 21 year old british soldier. She's in quarantaine in hospital.
No other reports about the flu yet.

While I'm writing this the sun has gone and the rain is pouring out again.
I hope that people who came abread remember the positive attitude of people and the support given to them all days, and not the weather of this year.

Looking back I can remember only one year which has been worse with rain.

Oh my gosh, thunder and lightning.
The best walkers have already finished, those who struggle are still on route.
I'm so sorry for them.


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