Monday, July 27, 2009

Found an apple

july 26 2009

Today I discovered another apple in one of the appletrees.
It hangs very high and is showing yellow and red spots on top of the green.
There's no way I gan get it, so I have to wait and hope none of the animals will get it first.

Hopefully they'll have a go at the rotting apples in the garden of the neighbours.
The former neighbour used to give us all the apples, but these ones just let them rot.
Isn't it a pitty that someone who tries to grow greenbeans on pigmanure (stinking lot!!), doesn't dare to take the apples from the tree before they fall, and rather have the vitamins decay than have their neighbourkids have fun with applesauce and applepie?

After the enormous amounts of rain the clay here was soaked well enough to give me another chance of sowing. So I planted more seeds hoping that this time the weather will cooperate and grant me to eat something from our own garden.
We used to.

Tomorrow son3, the one with ADHD, needs to be seen by a cardiologist.
I hope it's his former one.
He was a kind guy, full of enthousiasm and very good with children. He's head of the outpatient department now.
It'll be fun to see him again after all these years.

On wednesday we need to go there again, then for a holter examination. That's a 24 or 48 hours recording of his heartrate.

I don't expect them to find anything, but one never knows.

My computer is still having troubles.
It's annoying not to have access to my own files.

Well, I wish you a happy day!


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