Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally a new gate

july 12 2009

Someone entered our garden during the night and stabbed a screwdriver or something like that in the tyres of the bicycles.
We found them fridaymorning.

It was lucky the girls didn't need to go to school on friday.
Their father had to walk to the railwaystation.

On saturday he finally bought a new gate.

Ours was messed with in spring, when one of the backneighbours drove a vehicle though the path between the gardens and caught the grip, tore down some wood, leaving us with the damage.
The vehicle shouldn't have been there in the first place.

The guy promised to buy a new gate, but ofcourse he never did.

Thanks to the stabber of the bycicles we now have a new gate.

It was hung and secured today.

I'm quite happy with it, even though I'm still asking myself why it took so many months before we got a new one. Men!!


  1. How awful some people can be! Breaking your gate and then the bicycles. I know why i love being surrounded by my pets so much :)

    I'm glad you have a ne gate now!

  2. Good to hear that the gate is finally up. And you are right in a way, all thanks to the stabber of the bicycles.


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