Friday, July 3, 2009

Discrimination and the rest of today

july 3 2009

Remember that doctor that refused to shake hands with me? Read here.

This morning my son had to visit him again and his father went with him.

The guy shaked hands with both of them in a very friendly manner.
He didn't even say a word when both father and son walked with him to the room.

Ofcourse my son had his own plans.
Because the medical information I had for that doc was completely ignored, my son was not willing to answer his questions himself.

So when the doc asked him about the results of the neurological exams he said he should ask his father, because he himself didn't know. So that doc had no choice as to accept the input of the parents.

Well, my son starts working again soon. But because we have to wait for the examinations of the cardiologist he's not allowed to do heavy lifting and such and he will be trained in counterwork and payments. Just a few hours a week to start with.

It's a great promotion! Yea!!

In the meantime I was at home and got the reaction to the complaint I made about the behaviour of that doc when I was there.

No apology.

Just a message that my complaint was received and discussed with that doc.
I should be aware that the doc should have been warned a parent would come with my son (that's not normal in our country) and that I should sit back and say nothing...etc. etc. etc.

It was like a new parents was introduced to parenting behaviour in the doctor's room

So this reaction will lead to a new complaint.

I didn't receive a reaction on all elements of my complaint, and there is absolutely no reason to educate me in normal behaviour.
In fact, I still believe that doc lacks social skills.
When they were talking about the death of the grandmother of my son he didn't even express his condolences.

And why do they want a forewarning that a parent will accompany a minor son, when they allow my husband to enter without one word?

Well, I was glad I was at home, because the weather was tropical again.
Humid and very hot.

In the afternoon I had to get the wet clothes from the line because bad weather came in so fast, I switched on the TV and was confronted with a powerful weather warning.
It was told that dangerous lightning was expected.

I was worried about the girls who have to cross a bridge over a wide canal.
They called soon after to tell me they would stay at school.

But when the weather permitted them to come home I didn't see them.
I was so worried!!

Turned out the school told all the kids to leave..... in thunder, rain and lightning (!!!).. and they went to the house of a friend nearby.
Didn't call me. Arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

When they arrived home they were lucky they were not grounded until they're 25 years of age. LOL!

Well, we didn't get one drop of rain at this side of the bridge.
So I've cut the lavender from the front garden. And tried once more to sow lettuce.

Last year we got a huge amount of little packages of sunflower seeds.
Because good rain was expected I opened them all and threw them at the outer borders of the back and front garden.
I assume the birds will eat them.
There are so many young blackbirds and other birds in the garden.
I heard some finches talk with each other.

Ofcourse I like sunflowers, but the garden is so full of shadow, that I don't expect them to grow. And I love the birds around me when I'm hanging the laundry.

We didn't go out for an evening walk today.
Yesterday the moon was huge and orange/red, hanging low above the horizon.
Such a strange place.

I'm not feeling well, so I'd rather go to bed.


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