Monday, July 20, 2009

The continuing story

july 20 2009

Still waiting for the official sign to go to send my autistic son to daycare.
It's just for two days a week, but still a commission needs to agree with the financial side of it all.
I hope that by the time things are OK'd there's still place for him.

Got a message from the social worker last week.
The council representative wanted us to fill in a paper about this.
I tried to keep it away from me by asking her to send it to us and by keeping the envelop closed an have my son's father take care of it.


So I saw it yesterday.
My name was typed wrong. Which really made me irritated, because she knows my name after so many years and after bullying us so much.

Then I saw she wanted to give only a few months permission. And we had to write down what he was going to do.

Well, I'm not quite willing anymore to do the same work again and again. She's been completely informed my the social worker, so I wrote that down.

Then I looked at the other pages and saw that the same form could be used to request freedom of school because of psychiatric difficulties.

We went through that all and it was refused by the council doctor without even seeing us or our son, and not even on medical reasons. No, she said there would be a place for him in the educational system somewhere.
Well, there is none.

So I filled the small square completely, and then said the social worker to enclose the last letter of the psychiatrist.

Now it's up the council representative to accept the last request or keep on bullying until one of us breaks.

At the moment I'm overstressed and overworked and I really really need a vacation, so when she wants a fight, I'm sure she'll get it.
I'm sure my brain won't keep me my old nice self long enough.

Well the paperwork is on it's way to this unpleasant manipulative creature.
Let's see what's going to happen during the vacation.

Last year they really bullied us, I bet this time I'll amaze them when they start troubling us again.
A friend had good advice: steam open the envelope. When you don't want to deal with it, send their stuff back with on the envelope: during vacationtime no mail accepted. LOL!



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