Friday, July 17, 2009

Computer, Nasa and lightning

july 17 2009

My computer is experiencing troubles again.
When I'm happy writing, it suddenly closes down.

Maybe it's that fan they put in it last time. I don't know.

I'm trying to keep up a bit with a laptop that's sooooo slow, I can better deliver the mails I want to send myself. And it doesn't have sound.

I'll try to keep up a bit with this thing, but in the back of my mind I regret not having married one of the huge computerproducers. I'm sure someone like Billl Gates wouldn't have left me here with below zero equipment at the time of a nasa mission.

I love to watch it.
It's such a real time miracle that I can watch them docking and working in the spacestation at the time that they fly right above me.

One of the boys saw the shuttle pass above yesterday.

When we took a walk later it was all clouded. Couldn't see the moon which was moving anti clockwise this week. Each evening it was more to the left. So strange!

Last night we got the bad weather the weatherservice warned us for.

Half-way during the night the clouds gathered right above our heads, with lots of horizontal lightning and huge amounts of rain.
The girls sleep under the tilted window, so we went downstairs.

Early morning it started again.
I noticed it, and went back to sleep, but a huge lightning struck somewhere near. The bed was shaking.
So we were down again.

All in all we can say we entered the vacation with thunder and lightning.


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