Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cardiology and waitingroom

july 28 2009

Yesterday we went to hospital with the sun shining fiercely.

My ADHD son needed a cardiologic examination after falling unconscious 2 times and epilepsy had been ruled out.

The ECG was done within a few seconds as the nurse picked up an irregularity right away.

Then it was: waitingroom.

We joked about the students who were sitting in the sun, heard someone singing, etc etc.

When we were called in the doc told us that an echo was needed.

Parents with a girl in a wheelchair had arrived. The girls has a huge scare from a heartoperation and I saw my son looking at it a few times.
He was pale and very quiet.

The echo was extensive and took a very long time.
The main focus was on the septum and the valves.
I could see an extra move, but no hole in the septum.
Only a slight, non consistent leakage of one of the valves.

When my son was told the echo was ready I told him to leave the stickers in place on his chest.
In case the cardiologist himself might want a look, because they always want to, eben with the best echo-technician.

Now all chairs in the small waitingroom were taken.
A lovely lady with a small baby was sitting beside me, and a lovely boy with orange hair was walking around.
We had a good laugh oncve in a while, small chats.
The cardiologist finally arrived. Wow! That guy was as handsome as my favorite cardiologist.

When we were called in he asked my son to lay down again and was surprised the stickers were still there.
I joked that I knew he would want to have a look himself, as all cardiologists I know whanted too.
He gave me a big smile, even after I said that I wondered whether it was perfection they're striving for, stubbornness or just the honor of discovering something.

Within a few moments he was studying the septum too.
Again the main arteries were checked.

And again we had to go to the waitingroom.
The small orange haired boy was crying because his mom wanted to throw away what was left of his banana. He wanted her to fold it over again and again, just because he expected the miracle of a new banana within the brownish yellow flaps.

When we were called in we were told that they could see an extra movement in the septum, but that it was not something serious.
My son needed to be checked every year the following years, and in august he would have a bycicle test.
The holter is already planned for wednesday.

When we were finally able to leave the hospital we were so used to the airconditioning that the normal air slapped us in the face hot and humid. Ugh!
Dark clouds were above our had and when we left the bus it was raining.

Well, I enjoyed the rain on my skin.
We were soaked when we arrived home, just in time to change clothes and start cooking.

No rest for the wicked.

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