Thursday, July 9, 2009

A bracelet from Kat

july 9 2009

We've returned to the grey humid days of summer.
I'm surprised no one has come up with the concept of Dutch Summer Depression, because it sure deserves recognition with this weather.

Today I should have been on my way to travel to England. To realize my dream that I'm having for 40 years now.
But the day will pass without me enjoying a holiday after 23 years.

I enjoy however something else.
A while ago Kat had a contest on her site and I won the lovely bracelet!!

Since then the girls and I enjoyed it very much.
One of the girls wears it with her orange flowers on white blouse, the other one with her green T-shirt and blouses and I just wear it when I have the chance. LOL!

It's so nice to have won this lovely handmade bracelet.
To know that someone made it with love and care makes it special.
Just a look at it and one is reminded there are good people in this world.

Thanks again a lot Kat, and enjoy your vacation!!

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  1. I am so sorry about your vacation. We have to give up a lot of things in this life for our children. I hope your dream vacation can come true soon.


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